Menus are the heart of any food service operation. Menus determine the required equipment, staffing, purchasing, vendors, kitchen design, size of the dining room, and even affect the success of the operation. Poor selections in menu items and/or poor preparation methods are a recipe for failure.

Senior Nutrition Programs, long-term living facilities, and other food service operations receiving government dollars must have a delicious and nutritious menu. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans published by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, stand as the foundation for menu planning nutritious meals. Choose MyPlate replaces the Food Guide Pyramid, and simplifies the Dietary Guidelines for the consumer.

Linda Roberts & Associates can sort through the regulatory language and assist you in developing compliant, well accepted meals for those you serve whether in the nursing home, assisted living facility, or senior nutrition program.  Our Menu Specialist has proven success in guiding clients through the process. She listens to your needs and combines your menu preferences with regulatory mandates. LRA has elder tested and approved recipes to assist in getting the meal just right.

Senior Nutrition Programs

The Administration on Aging is authorized through legislation from the Older Americans Act to provide nutrition programs to elders through Congregate Nutrition Services, Home Delivered Nutrition Services, and Nutrition Services Incentive programs. These services are targeted to those in greatest social and economic need.  Nutrition Services Programs help older adults remain independent in the community keeping them healthy through good nutrition and preventing the need for more costly medical interventions.

Meals served under the Elderly Nutrition Program must:

LRA can assist you with Senior Nutrition Program menus. Learn More… 

Long-term Living Menus

Skilled nursing facilities must comply with the OBRA 1987 Act when planning menus for the elders living in these facilities. The regulations are defined with intent in the State Operations Manual Appendix PP.

F363 Menus must be:

  • Planned in advance
  • Meet the RDAs
  • Be followed

Individual states may have a more defined menu planning, such as the Illinois Administrative Code’s Meal Plan  located within the Administrative Code requiring:

  • 6 ounces of a good quality protein (38 – 42 gms of protein)
  • 6 servings whole grain, enriched or restored products
  • 5 servings fruits and vegetables
  • 16 ounces of Grade A pasteurized milk

No matter the State, LRA can assist you in regulatory compliance with long-term care menus.

Other types of licensed facilities, such as Assisted Living, do not have universal government-mandated regulations for nutrition requirements in menu planning. HHS Administration on Aging states, nutrition programs help older adults remain independent in the community keeping them healthy through good nutrition and preventing the need for more costly medical interventions.  Can you afford not to offer a delicious, nutritious menu to your Assisted Living Residents?

LRA can assist you in long-term living menu planning and/or menu extensions for therapeutic diets. Learn More…