A representative list of educational programs by Linda Roberts, MS, RD

Guidance to Regulatory Compliance in Culture Change

– Individualized care and informed choice are terms that are generously sprinkled throughout the CMS Guidance to Surveyors. This program will unearth regulatory gems that support culture change.

Practical Steps to Person Centered Care in Dining Services

– Gone are the days of sweeping therapeutic diets, kitchen tray line, limited meal times, cafeteria trays, and one size fits all. See the results of a journey to person centered care with minimal support and budget.

It’s All About the Elder: Person Centered Care Planning

– Who’s life is it anyway? This program will focus on the comprehensive assessment, identified strengths of the resident, with goals and approaches identified by the resident, not the staff.

Today’s Long-term Living: Where Does the RD Fit?

– The long-term care industry is changing daily. Chefs are preparing a la carte meals, residents are forgoing therapeutic diets, and regulators are as aggressive as ever. Where does the RD fit into this new long-term living industry? Right in the middle of nutrition and dining services. Learn how to reinvent yourself.

Letting Go of Therapeutic Diets

– Converting from a therapeutic diet to a liberal diet, although accepted in theory, can be a difficult transition. Professional organizations from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to AMDA to CMS support the use of liberal diets. Learn how transitioning may be easier than you think.

The Repeat Violation You Can’t Afford, F371

-F371 is one of the most cited Ftags across the country and easily leads to a repeat violation. Discover simple systematic changes that support regulatory compliance.

Menu Planning Beyond MyPlate

– Guidelines intended for the healthy, general public cannot be intended for the frail elderly. This program focuses on menu development that is inclusive of resident preferences while meeting regulatory compliance.

There’s More to Enteral Nutrition than Pumps and Formula

– Enteral nutrition plays a vital role in senior living. This presentation investigates regulatory requirements, ethical considerations, person centered values, and end-of-life discussions with the resident and/or families with loved ones sustained by enteral nutrition.